Crib Syntax

The crib locator is capable of handling multiple cribs. Enter each crib on its own line.

If there is no information given about its location in the cipher text, enter only the crib on the line. The crib will be dragged through all possible locations. For example:


If the actual location of the crib is given, place a comma after the crib and the phrase "location = nnn", where nnn is the starting location of the crib. The first cipher text character has location 1, the second 2, etc. For example:

platypus, location = 57

For those ciphers which are periodic or have their cipher text grouped by some other means, if the crib's relative placement with respect to a group is given, place the phrase "offset = nnn" after the crib. The value "nnn" is the offset of the crib from the start of the group. An offset of 0 places the crib at the start of the group, 1 on the second character of the group, etc. A crib so placed will only be dragged once per group. For example (here the period is 8) :

platyp usandkan garoo, offset = 2

Enclose the crib in double quotes to retain any spaces in the crib.

Hints and Tips

Once a crib has be dragged and you have found it/their placement(s), immediately switch to using the "location = nnn" form. This will save time in the future.

Suppose you determine that the character in position 43 is probably 'r'. Simply add the crib

r, location = 43

to the list of cribs and run the locator again. As other probable letters, words and phrases are found, they can also be added as cribs.